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Our friends over at Inspirock, the travel planning website, have featured SUNNYdays Prestige Travel in their February 2018 blog article.
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Photo shoots in our Traction: Part 1

Fashion shoot Lily Bellule 004 Photo © Eric Champs used with permission
SUNNYdays Prestige Travel is always happy to be part of someone's adventure.
Pinup model Lily Bellule is on a quest to be crowned Miss Las Vegas. For part of her photo shoot as a contestant, SUNNYdays Prestige Travel provided her with our Citroën Traction, and the resulting photos are incredible.
Our iconic Citroën matches perfectly with Lily's classical beauty, don't you think?
Fashion shoot Lily Bellule 001 Photo © Eric Champs used with permission

Fashion shoot Lily Bellule 002 Photo © Eric Champs used with permission

Fashion shoot Lily Bellule 003 Photo © Eric Champs used with permission

Fashion shoot Lily Bellule 005 Photo © Eric Champs used with permission

Fashion shoot Lily Bellule 006 Photo © Eric Champs used with permission
Anyone know who the dashing young man in the photo above is? That's right, it's our very own Salvatore, founder of SUNNYdays Prestige Travel!

Our huge thanks to Lily Bellule and her photographer, Eric Champs, for allowing us to show you these wonderful images.
You can follow Lily's adventures on her Facebook page:
Her photographer, Eric Champs can be found on Instagram:
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A little video history of the Citroën Traction

Thinking about a tour in our vintage Citroën Traction, and want to find out more about this iconic car?
You're in luck! Here's a little video we found on the internet about the history of this jewel.

Did you spot ours in the video?
Please note we do not own the copyright in the original file. If you believe this is yours and want the video taken down, please contact us.


Tour de Monde magazine: Part 1

A few weeks ago, Justin, one of the Sunny Days Prestige Travel team, had the pleasure of working with an international travel magazine, Tour de Monde. He spent the day showing the photographer, Lim Sung Soon, and journalist, Kim Soo-Hyun, some of the most spectacular parts of this wonderful area.
Kim and Lim had been in Nice and Monaco the previous days, but had been unlucky with the weather - but they had the good fortune of working with Sunny Days Prestige Travel for their last day in the region.
True to our name, Sunny Days delivered: the sun came out on cue, and thus Kim and Lim were able to take the photos and write the articles that would show of the French Riviera to their mainly Korean audience.
The magazine is currently being printed, but Sunny Days Prestige Travel have been given an exclusive preview of the articles. Here, then, is the first of their articles.


I think you'll agree, there is some wonderful photography in this article. Look out for further articles from Tour de Monde magazine in the next couple of days!
Sunny Days Prestige Travel - and especially Justin - would like to thank Kim, Lim and Tour de Monde magazine for allowing us to publish these articles.

You can download the article in .pdf here.
Find out more about Tour de Monde magazine here.


Sunny Days Prestige Travel's 4x4 incentives

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